York Plastics Engineering Ltd

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A large portion of our business is creating accurate, high quality, transparent prototypes of new bottle designs for the packaging industry. These are machined from scratch from solid acrylic block before being hand finished and then polished or sprayed to create realistic models of the finished container. We spray to match glass colour and also colour match product to simulate a filled container. Whilst the majority of this work is solid prototypes, for the ultimate in realism hollow prototypes are also possible.

For the majority of our time we find ourselves working in acrylic, but we also use modelling boards and foams, aluminium and other plastic materials as required by the job.

Most of the models we create are covered by non–disclosure or confidentiality agreements. For this reason we have not shown any recent customer prototypes here, preferring to make up some generic shapes to show what we can do.

Whilst the majority of our prototypes work is packaging models, we are by no means limited by this. We have created prototypes for all sorts of different applications, from a height adjustable high heel shoe, to gymnastic parallettes.