Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I obtain a quote for a job?

    Send in a drawing or CAD file of the proposed part to

  • What file format should I send my file in?

    For 2D specification drawings, a dxf file usually works best. For 3D CAD we prefer to receive your CAD in either igs or stp format. For artwork, we can also work with files in Illustrator format. Please make sure these contain vector information rather than just raster images.

  • Will my data be confidential?

    As an independent supplier to multiple very large brands, companies and design agencies the world over, we view our discretion with your data as a cornerstone of our business and are happy to sign NDA's to back this up where required. 
  • Whats the turnaround time for packaging prototypes?

    Our usual trunaround time for 1 off models is 5-7 working days from receipt of order and your files. We can, however, sometimes improve upon this depending upon workload.

  • Can I visit to discuss a piece of work?

    Of course! We are happy to receive visitors to discuss your requirements and advise on production techniques.

  • Do you sell plastic to the general public?

    Yes, we have a small sales counter and will cut to size for standard stock materials such as acrylic and polycarbonate.