York Plastics Engineering Ltd

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In addition to our CNC equipment we have all the other equipment associated with low volume plastic machining and fabrication: CNC routing machine, large oven for drape forming sheets, line bending equipment up to 3m in length, vacuum forming machine up to 650mm square, paint spraying booth and curing oven, laser cutting machine, vacuum degassing container and all the usual saws and hand tools.

We use a variety of fastening techniques including solvent welding, hot air welding, adhesives, UV curing adhesive and mechanical fastening, and by combining these with the other forming techniques mentioned above, quite intricate assemblies can be created.

The pinnacle of this would be our medical and scientific research apparatus which combine CNC machining to a very fine tolerance with fabrication techniques to produce extremely accurate and complex assemblies.

We can also arrange to have printing applied to parts before bending and fastening to create even more eye catching and effective parts.

Plastics are available in various forms, eg, rod, tube, sheet and plate. We can fabricate in all the usual materials including acrylic, polycarbonate, PVC, PETG, ABS to name but a few.

Examples of the type of fabrications we have created using these techniques are: