York Plastics Engineering Ltd

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  • 3D CAD modelling and data creation
  • Model making
  • Manufacture of retail and POS bespoke acrylics
  • Specialist packaging prototypes, including manufacture of line trial models hollowed out to accept shock logging sensor packs
  • Museum plinth mounts and acrylic cases
  • Production of interactive display pieces
  • Bespoke acrylic awards and trophies
  • Medical and scientific research apparatus
  • Accurate scale hydraulic models for flow analysis work
  • Vacuum and drape forming of bespoke acrylic forms, eg automotive screens
  • Specialist bespoke acrylic scientific enclosures
  • Products for the cake decorating industry and food quality moulding
  • Parts for bespoke lighting assemblies
  • General short run production of turned, machined and fabricated parts and assemblies