York Plastics Engineering Ltd

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Who Are We

York Plastics Engineering Ltd is a family owned and run business based in Malton (near York in the UK) dating back around 60 years, specialising in low volume and short run machining and fabrication using plastic materials.

Our core business is specialist modelmaking to the packaging and product industries, particularly in acrylic. We have many years in this business sector, indeed before the widespread use of 3D CAD systems the fine details of many glass bottle designs were finalised by hand in our workshops. Now, although our models are produced using CAD/CAM and CNC machinery they are still checked, finished and sprayed or polished by hand to ensure the highest quality. We work with many of the packaging manufacturers and design agencies in the UK and have an expanding group of customers worldwide. We have sent models all around the world, from Russia to South Africa to Trinidad and Tobago and the US.

In addition, we also manufacture accurate and detailed hydraulic models in clear acrylic which are used for flow analysis work, medical and scientific research apparatus of all different shapes and sizes, bespoke POS items, museum stands and cases, display items, interactive educational pieces and all other low volume turned, milled and fabricated parts and assemblies.

As a small company we have a flexible approach to scheduling which generally means we can respond very quickly to urgent enquiries.

We are an independent supplier to multiple large brands, design agencies and companies, so we view our discretion with your intellectual property as one of the cornerstones of our business.